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Tips for Caring for Outdoor Plants in Dubai

Dubai is known for its hot weather conditions and the city is cooler during the months of late November to February. During the frequent evolution, the plants in this region, especially the outdoor plants Dubai face severe challenges such as heavy humid conditions, water drought, shorter days, dry air, and lower sunlight, that might disrupt the growth of the plants. In this blog, we explore the main tips for caring for your outdoor plants Dubai during the evolving weather conditions in Dubai.

How to Care for Outdoor Plants in Dubai?

Outdoor plants Dubai require much more care than indoor plants as it is more vulnerable to the changing weather conditions in Dubai. If you’re wondering how to protect your outdoor plants in Dubai, here are some of the tested plant care tips.

  • Use Protective Covers

The best way to protect your outdoor plants in Dubai is to use protective screens and cover the plants if you find damage, especially during the winter. No need to use a specialised protector, you can use a burlap or blanket to cover the plants during the night. However, do not use covers during summer and even in the winter remove the protector during the day to ensure that your plant receives enough sunlight.

  • Mulching

Mulching is so important to ensure plant growth since it provides a protective layer of dead organic substances to safeguard the soil. Moreover, mulching keeps the soil at a proper moisturising level and prevents soil from drying, and keeps your plants healthy. Decomposed mulch ensures nutrient absorption in the soil and keeps your plants recovering quicker in spring.

  • Bring Healthy Plants Inside

It is essential to consider bringing your plant inside your home when the weather is too harsh. Nevertheless, this must be the final case scenario as plants, already at risk, can still be damaged once it is placed inside. Plus, they can allure pests that may damage other healthy plants. Ideally, you need to bring outdoor plants inside that will benefit from the change of environment.

Also, remember that the outdoor plant care will change if you place them inside.

Benefits of Outdoor Plants

Similar to indoor plants, outdoor plants Dubai does not only bring aesthetic beauty to your surroundings, instead it provides a wide variety of benefits for your physical and mental wellness. Here are a few reasons why you should prioritise outdoor plant care in Dubai;

  • Enhanced Air Quality

Outdoor plants can act as natural air purifiers as they absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen necessary for human beings in the process of photosynthesis.

  • Reduce Stress Level

Spending time in your outdoor garden surrounded by healthy and lush green plants has been proven to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Many research studies have determined the relationship between productivity and outdoor plants that being in the presence of nature, even if it is just a view of outdoor plants, can significantly enhance cognitive function and enhance concentration.


Outdoor Plants Dubai promotes the value of your overall residential and commercial outlook in Dubai. However, maintaining plants in your outdoor garden comes with some difficulties, therefore, you need the assistance of a professional outdoor plant shop in Dubai like Plant Vista. Our skilled gardeners are knowledgeable enough to create a beautiful and thriving outdoor garden with comprehensive garden maintenance services in Dubai. 

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