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How to Care for Your Online-Bought Plants in Dubai’s Climate

In Dubai, the weather fluctuates frequently and you need to be very careful with the indoor and outdoor plant life because it needs special care during the changing climates. The plant’s life gets affected by many things including the indoor heater in winter, or extreme humidity in the summer.

Plant Vista is a house plant shop in Dubai that provides an online platform to buy indoor and outdoor plants online and deliver them to your doorsteps. Here we share some useful information on how to care for your online-bought plants in Dubai’s fluctuating climate. The most important thing is to ensure that your plant receives enough sunlight and water to survive in this region.  

Here are some of the useful tips offered by our online plant shop in Dubai to take care of your plant.

Water Consumption

The most significant issue faced by the majority of plants and trees in Dubai is that they are not having enough water to thrive in this region. As a result, it is essential to ensure that they receive the right amount of water during each season, it is also essential to avoid over-watering. In that case, it is better to check the moisture level of the soil before watering. By putting your finger into the soil, you can check the moisture level of the soil. Excess water can also cause roots to decay.

Provide Proper Care of Plants

You need to check whether the plants or trees’ leaves or stems are free of debris, spraying water on them makes them cleaner. Cleaning the plants or garden area not only promotes their growth but also brings your garden a gleaming appearance. An online plant shop in Dubai provides the necessary guidance to deal with flowering plants and if there are any dried leaves, you need to dispose of them before it will rot your plant.

Keep the Pests Away

In Dubai, pests and indoor flies create some serious threats, however, they are not harmful to the plant, but create some adverse effects by eating rotting leaves and dirt. To protect your plants from insects, you might need to use some pesticides, which are more environmentally friendly. House plant shops in Dubai offer some quality pesticides that are best suitable to control and prevent pests.

Allow Enough Sunlight

Plants need direct sunlight for photosynthesis and growth. You need to ensure that your plant receives adequate light to thrive, however, it is also important to keep plants indoors that are sensitive to direct sunlight. To receive adequate light, place the plant on your balcony or near a window that gets enough light. If natural light poses any issues, you can buy artificial lights such as LED lights from an online plant shop in Dubai.

In conclusion, now you may have some idea about how to care for your online-bought plants in Dubai’s evolving climate. To learn more about our product catalogue, contact our professional staff directly at our house plant shop in Dubai. Plant Vista is a leading online plant shop in Dubai that provides healthy indoor and outdoor plants along with quality plant accessories in Dubai. Contact us today.

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