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FENG SHUI is an ancient Chinese philosophy which was used by the farmers to create a good environment for good crop which will in turn bring good health and wealth. However it is largely based on the idea that all living things are connected to and affected by their environment or the energy from the environment. This energy is known as “chi”.

Any feng shui arrangement is to get the best energy by arranging to get the right influence from the alignment of five feng shui elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The magic of feng shui plant is about placing the right plant at the right bagua area (feng shui energy map of your space) area of your home or office. For its best result or the best chi the overall energy of the plant, positioning of the plant, health of the plant and the overall presentation of the plant should merge together. It is very important not to spoil the positive energy of the feng shui plant by keeping a badly maintained plant.

Southeast and East are the best suitable for the feng shui plants. By adding a moderate amount of feng shui plants in the right areas we are increasing the wood element of the bagua area to have positive energy and clean air.  Health related plants to be placed by the east and wealth related plants to go to the south east for a positive influence of chi.

Feng shui plants can be catagorised as air purifying plants, money plants (not the one which has the common name-Money Plant) and plants for protection.

For example, Boston fern and Areca palm are two good air purifying feng shui plants. However Snake Plant (mother in law’s tongue) know to give much protective energy.

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